How Much Popcorn Do You Need For A Wedding Popcorn Bar?

Posted by Michael Bloch, Popcorn Charlie's on 2nd Aug 2018

Popcorn bars at weddings are very popular because wedding guests love them. Popcorn is fun and tasty, which makes it perfect for a wedding.

The number one question people have is how much popcorn will I need. Here's the answer.

We suggest getting 2 1/4 cups per person. It works best. Some people will eat more, others will eat less and some people will not eat any.

We sell popcorn by he gallon for weddings. This makes it easy to get exactly the amount you want. It is easy to do the math, once you know  that there are 16 cups in a gallon.

For example: if you expect 125 guests at your wedding, you should get 125 x 2.25 = 282 cups. Dividing 282 by 16 tells you that you'll need 18 gallons. In this case I would suggest getting three gallons each of six different flavors. It is better to have a variety of flavors rather than too much of any one flavor.

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